Installing Ragnarok, OpenKore and Initial Setup

Install Ragnarok | Install OpenKore

After downloading, it is now time to install Ragnarok. I hope I can finish everything today, if not, there’s always tomorrow.

Installing and running Ragnarok Philippines (Valkyrie)

After having to listen to that tribal music from the theme “Demise of Morroc”, Ragnarok got installed pretty fast. Now I’ll just let it run for now and let it download any patches it might still want to download before I start installing the bot. Btw, I will be using Valkyrie server for now so don’t go asking for Sakray and Valhalla ok?

After patching, I checked if I can still log-in to my account and voila! I still can! So now it’s time to bot it!

Downloading OpenKore, Field Maps and other related files

Now, let us do some downloading again! Here I suggest that you always use the most, recent, latest, PINAKAUPDATED version of Openkore to avoid errors and problems. Updates are there for a reason.

  • Download openkore here ->
  • Download the field pack here ->
  • Download the additional files ->

Extracting the files

First thing I did was to extract OpenKore. Then I extract the “field pack” to it. Then, I extract the additional files into my Ragnarok installer folder (note that this is not the openkore folder)

Now, let me do some test runs by running poseidon.exe and … it works!

Mini Set-up of Openkore

Let me give you a checklist of what to do before botting like crazy.

  1. Add the Philippine ragnarok servers to the file servers.txt (\tables\servers.txt)
  2. Pick the appropriate recvpackets.txt file (i used recvpackets-pro.txt as my source)

Starting the Ragnarok bot

Now I run these programs in this order.

  1. start poseidon.exe
  2. Runro.bat
  3. start.exe

Now after providing the username, password, server etc.. information to the bot.. i was greeted by the error…

Unknown Packet 02EB

Now I know what’s been bugging the users in my main blog. After replacing it with a new recvpackets, I get the assertion thingy error.

Oh well… that’s it for the day. ^_^

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  1. Openkore setup problems - Unknown Packet and Error Message Assertion | Ragnarok Bot Guide Says:

    [...] my last post on botting from scratch, I encountered two [...]

  2. eris Says:

    ok everytime i use runro i get gameguard 153 had do i fix that cause i reinstalled ragnarok 2 times ?


  3. Bill Go Says:

    Same here, game guard error and such, and tried using poseidon, the “StartRO.bat” but it keeps crashing when I click on the poseidon server. Help?


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